From the 01/10/2017 to the 20/11/2017, the Musicality bot powered by Milia created a piece of music every day. The title of the music reflects the numerical seed used for the creation. For this first experiment, the creations were posted on the main blog, on tumblr. The bot also tweeted about each new post, and the tweets were mirrored on a Wordpress blog and another website, hosted on weebly.

The album is named after the algorithm used by Milia. As a rather simple algorithm, the creations are limited in their complexity.

The album is now available for free streaming and downloads on Bandcamp, Orfium and Hearthis. Full album mix with visualizer are also available on Youtube.

Due to the upload length restriction of soundcloud, the album isn't fully available there. For similar reasons, the vimeo and dailymotion channels of the Musicality Project are limited in content.

You can download sheet music, midi and more from the links below.

future download option: